Junction 24 – February 15th

Not the M4 Coldra interchange.

Junction 24 is a North London based three piece, roving fiddle, keyboards and drums. They last visited us at the ruffCeilidhs in April 2016. They have a great swing to their music as they venture into big band sounds – and they are said to lift the Nottingham Swing to new heights.

  • Brian Stone: Violins
  • Rob Woodward: Keyboards
  • Pete Mason: Drums

Our caller for the night is Rhodri Davies –

Rhodri calls interesting dances and explains them in a way that satisfies experts and beginners at the same time.

Fantastic caller with tons of experience. When Rhodri is calling you feel excited and full of energy, and still relaxed that he will have everything under control!

There is a 50p service charge per cartful of tickets towards our PayPal costs.

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