All Blacked Up – on the road

ABU have just started a series of bookings climaxing at the Ruff in Cardiff! (as far as I’m concerned)

…….and at Stroud Ceilidhs we premiered Mike Waterson’s Bright Phoebus as a stephop for Clopton Bridge [with Bill Caddick singing] paired with Melanie ‘s Witshire Hornpipe No2. First time we had played them as a band but it went splendidly…….

Thanks to Stroud Ceilidhs and Alix Boon – we reckon about 100 people which ain’t bad for a damp January. Next up Phoenix Ceilidhs, Adlington [Chorley] 17th Jan, and Ruff Ceilidhs Cardiff, 18th Jan. So that will be more motorways ……