Jiggling Thingummies Batman!


It did look like a somewhat Heath Robinson concoction and it certainly posed challenges for the sound engineer (thanks Dave) but it really did work well. The Thingumijig Enormous Band turned out a lovely set of danceable tunes.





Pete Hendy patrolled the dance floor making absolutely sure everyone but everyone was happy and dancing. He kept us dancing with scarcely time to catch breath between dances – that’s not a complaint – and achieved the brilliant feat of bring us many new dances that were also easily achievable.


IMG_0757 copy
The Widders

The Widders are hard to contain in a brief comment. Whatever it is they do they did it strong and they did it loud and they did it with a great deal of enjoyment for us all. Who they are we may never know but we will surely be asking them back before too long.