Juice on stage

Juice – December 12th

Juice is Wales’ longest-running Ceilidh band. Originally Juice of Barley, formed way back in the late 1970’s by well-respected South Wales folk musicians Gil and Jenny KilBride. Juice, as it is now called, has been long-since managed by their musical sons Bernie and Danny KilBride.

The band’s repertoire features entirely original arrangements of dance tunes from the folk dance tradition of the British Isles, Europe and North America dating back as far as the 15th century to the present day.

Juice and the KilBride brothers are veterans of literally hundreds of Ceilidhs, appearing at folk festivals, folk dance clubs, weddings, and other corporate and social events throughout the UK and abroad.

A far cry  from the stereotypical image of a traditional folk ensemble Juice’s contemporary sound, relentless energy and varied sets create a party atmosphere on every stage and dance floor that welcomes them. Juice remains at the forefront of British folk music thanks to a carefully balanced combination of tradition and innovation. Keeping true to their roots yet moving with the times, this is a force in dance that cannot be ignored.

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