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How many sticks?

I know there’s a joke in there somewhere.IMG_0641

We were promised something good when 3sticks played and it was true. A distinctive style that was always great for dancing. Chris Jewell kept his cool and made sure that everyone on the floor had a good time.

It’s quite a challenge for a caller when you have a mixture of dancers. Some who have never tried it before ever and some who’ve been dancing for 30 years and more. Chris gave us a variety of dances that kept all these people dancing and enjoying it.

Clocs Canton were our interval ice creams – Why do the stripes make me think of ice cream?


Oh! and last but not at all least, we had the biggest crowd for quite some time. It all helps to make it more fun for everyone.

Thanks for coming,  if you did.




More fun than swinging a cat

IMG_0461Taff Rapper took command of the hall for a thoroughly entertaining spot which included as a bonus a morris jig by Rhys Boorman.

Cats Claw kept up the pace with a swinging set of tunes through the whole evening. Mic Spenceley gave us a good variety of dances.














Taff Rapper at speed.
Taff Rapper at speed.


Super Juice

Another first for the Ruff Ceilidhs – Juice with added bits, melodeon and mandocello.

Juice with Dave Parsons - December 2014
Juice with Dave Parsons – December 2014

Another great night from this established band sounding fresher than ever. Bernard Kilbride on the fiddle, Imogen O’Rourke playing flute, Dean Ryan on the bass, Daniel James with his mandocello and Sam Mabbet playing melodeon. Not to forget Dave Parsons sporting a restrained Christmas tie.

The crowd were a little thin in numbers but of course of the highest quality.


Please bring your mates to our next spasm in January.  If you’re looking for a last minute Christmas present get them an advance ticket (and save £2)!

Who’s a Chicken?

Lisa Heywood and Steamchicken in Cardiff Nov 2014
Lisa Heywood and Steamchicken in Cardiff Nov 2014
Lisa Heywood and Steamchicken in Cardiff Nov 2014
Lisa Heywood and Steamchicken in Cardiff Nov 2014
Watching Cobblers Awl...
Watching Cobblers Awl…

We’re all chickens now! Steamchicken wowed the crowd with their music and Lisa was loved for her calling. Her dances were interesting without being too complicated and she kept the dancing going with hardly a break.

Cobblers Awl put on a spot to their usual high standard.

Brand F for Fun

I certainly had a great time last night.1-906A0012

We had a good number of new dancers, bringing the average age of the crowd down quite a bit. Paul Weir stuck to some fairly straightforward dances which suited the audience well. We had for example, La Russe, Waves of Tory, Guid Man of Ballanguigh (is that how you spell it?)


There was a full dancefloor of happy dancers from start to finish – including a typically lively spot from Cardiff Morris.1-906A0060

Now if they all come back and bring their mates we’ll have a storming night with Steamchicken.

Oh yes they were!

Ceilidhography – I have to say they were fabulous and Phil Bassindale was a really lovely Phil Bassindalecaller.

March 2014
March 2014

I’m delighted that we had a good crowd to do justice to the band and caller, it really was a memorable night. We’ve now shut down until our next in October which is how it took me so long to post this  – time expands to fill the work available?

The other fabulous detail is that we did manage to break even so lets hope we can repeat the formula next year or sometime soon.